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The Energy Charter Secretariat

The role of the Energy Charter Secretariat is to, primarily, provide the Energy Charter Conference with all necessary assistance for the performance of its duties and carry out the functions assigned to it in the Energy Charter Treaty or in any Protocol and any other functions assigned to it by the Charter Conference. The Secretariat is thus responsible to and reports to the Charter Conference.

The Secretary-General is the main representative of the Secretariat who is appointed by the Energy Charter Conference for a maximum period of five years on a first appointment.

The Secretariat's functions are:

  • to monitor implementation of the Energy Charter Treaty and Protocol's obligations;
  • to organise and administer meetings of the Energy Charter Conference and its subsidiary bodies;
  • to provide analytical support and advice to the Energy Charter Conference and its subsidiary bodies on all aspects of the Energy Charter Process;
  • to represent the Energy Charter Conference in the development of its relations with non-member states and other relevant international organisations and institutions;
  • to support negotiations on new instruments mandated by the Conference.


After the signature of the Energy Charter Treaty in December 1994, the Energy Charter Conference decided to establish its Secretariat in Brussels, Belgium.

Rules governing the relations between the Energy Charter Secretariat and its Staff Members, on one hand, and the Kingdom of Belgium, on the other hand, have been defined in a Headquarters Agreement (Headquarters Agreement between the Kingdom of Belgium and the Energy Charter Conference).

This Headquarters Agreement has been signed on 26 October 1995 by:

  • Mr. Eric Derycke, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Belgium
  • Amb. Charles Rutten, Chairman of the Energy Charter Conference
  • Mr. Clive Jones, Secretary General of the Energy Charter Secretariat.

It was ratified by the Belgian Parliament on 11 June 1998 to enter into force on 27 July 1999.

Staffing of the Energy Charter Secretariat

The Energy Charter Secretariat is staffed by Nationals of the Member Countries of the Energy Charter Conference. Regulations and Rules applicable to its Staff are established by the Energy Charter Conference in compliance with the Headquarters Agreement between the Kingdom of Belgium and the Energy Charter Conference.

Short-term Programmes

The Energy Charter Secretariat has also put into place short-term Programmes and offers the possibility to stay at the Secretariat for a short period of time under 4 different programmes. The internal rules applicable to non-officials can be found here

How to apply ?

Applications for short-term programmes should be sent in writing to the Energy Charter Secretariat, preferably by email (fax and post are also possible):

Assistant Secretary General
Energy Charter Secretariat
Boulevard de la Woluwe, 46
B-1200 Brussels

  +32 2 775 98 00
 +32 2 775 98 01

Annual Report

The Energy Charter Secretariat publishes an annual report in order to inform about its activities.

International Energy Charter Code of Conduct

This code sets forth the framework and standards for the personal and professional conduct which is to be expected of those working with the International Energy Charter.