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Subsidiary Bodies of the Energy Charter Conference

The Energy Charter Conference has created various subsidiary bodies, which report to the Conference and deal with particular issues in greater detail.

Strategy Group

Chair: Ms Sofia Sanz Estébanez (Spain)

Vice-Chair: Vacant

The Energy Charter Conference at its meeting on 9 December 2009 in Rome decided to establish the Energy Charter Strategy Group as a standing group. Among the key subjects of discussion will be the role of the Energy Charter Process in the global context, its added value for addressing common challenges as well as the possible enlargement of its constituency.

At its last meeting of 2017, the Strategy Group established a Subgroup to conduct discussions on the potential modernisation of the Energy Charter Treaty. On 11 September 2019, the Strategy Group acknowledged the successful completion of the discussions on the potential modernisation of the ECT carried out by the Subgroup on modernisation, thanked the Chair and Co-Chair of the Subgroup as well as the Secretariat, and decided to dissolve the Subgroup since a new Working Group is expected to carry out the negotiations.

Implementation Group

Chair: Ms Klara Rakhmetova (Qazaqstan)

Vice-Chair: Mr Johan Vetlesen (Norway)

Vice-Chair: Mr Aziz Khamidov (Uzbekistan)

The Implementation Group, under the supervision of the Energy Charter Conference, is the institutional body for the discussion of the implementation of the Energy Charter Treaty.

At its last meeting of 2017, the Implementation Group established a technical subgroup to conduct discussions on transit issues.

Budget Committee

Chair: Vacant

Vice-Chair: Vacant

The functions and duties of the Budget Committee are, in general, to advise the Energy Charter Conference as necessary on questions relating to the financial administration of the Secretariat and the Programme of Work, as well as to carry out the tasks allotted to it in the Financial Regulations.

Legal Advisory Committee

Chairman: General Counsel of the Energy Charter Secretariat (ex officio)

The Energy Charter Conference decided that a sub-group of the Conference, to be known as the Legal Advisory Committee, will be needed to provide legal advice to the Chairman of the Conference and to Working Group Chairs.