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China Electricity Council - International Energy Charter Joint Research Centre

The International Energy Charter and the China Electricity Council have established a Joint Research Centre  in Beijing in September 2017 (view the  Memorandum of Understanding)

The Beijing Research Centre will deepen and share the knowledge of the International Energy Charter through research and public activities. The Centre will promote the Energy Charter Treaty and its principles in China

The activities of the Centre will be focused on Energy Charter Treaty Core Parts: Energy Trade, Energy Transit, Energy Efficiency, Energy Investment Promotion & Protection, and Energy Investment Dispute Settlement. In addition, the Centre may conduct studies on Energy Transition and Market Reforms.

The Beijing Research Centre works on the basis of voluntary contributions and the participation is open for countries, organisations, industry and academia. 

The Beijing Research Centre comprises the Steering Committee and the Academic Board.



The activities of the Beijing Research Centre include: 

  • Research study on Chinese interest in a potential modernised Energy Charter Treaty
  • Case Study on Best Practice and Regulatory Framework in Smart Grid
  • Electro-mobility
  • Clean Coal Technologies, including CBM
  • Mechanisms on the power spot market
  • Annual Symposium


Note: China Electricity Council (CEC), founding member of the Centre, is a joint organisation of China's power enterprises and institutions. CEC now has 939 members in total, among which 172 are council members, 77 are executive committee members and 17 are presidential members. Most of these members are engaged in business covering all aspects of the power industry, including power generation, transmission, distribution, engineering, construction and R&D. CEC functions as a bridge between power enterprises and the government.