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Budget Committee

Terms of Reference for the Budget Committee

The Budget Committee shall consist of one representative from each Signatory to the Energy Charter Treaty.

The functions and duties of the Budget Committee shall be, in general, to advise the Conference as necessary on questions relating to the financial administration of the Secretariat, and to carry out the tasks allotted to it in the Financial Regulations.In particular, the Budget Committee shall:

  1. give its opinion on Annual and Supplementary Budgets of the Secretariat submitted to the Conference for adoption;
  2. advise on the amount of such Working Capital Fund as the Conference may decide to establish;
  3. carry out any additional tasks which might be conferred upon it by the Conference.

The Budget Committee may be authorised by the Conference to take decisions on its behalf. Such decisions shall be taken in accordance with Article 36(2) and (7) of the Energy Charter Treaty.

The Secretary-General shall give the Budget Committee all the information which is necessary for the proper discharge of its functions.


Chair: Mr Christian Bühlmann (Switzerland)

Vice-Chair: Vacant position