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Research Fellowships

Terms of Reference for the Energy Charter Fellowship Programme 

The Energy Charter Secretariat  may offer research fellowships for academics from educational institutions and think tanks to contribute to the work of the Energy Charter Secretariat on the study of topics where the Secretariat lacks the necessary in-house capacity or expertise. Their assignment to the Energy Charter Secretariat should be supported by their current employer.

An excellent knowledge of English, a strong educational background in their field of expertise and the ability to work within an international environment, are essential requirements.

Fellows are expected to produce a Final Report in English at the end of the fellowship and subsequently to deposit with the Energy Charter Secretariat any publication resulting from the work undertaken during their fellowship. Fellows are expected to present a seminar, if requested, and to engage appropriately in the Secretariat events. Any intellectual property rights remain with the Secretariat.

The length of a fellowship shall normally be three months. Fellowships may be extended up to six months if justified by the specific needs of the Energy Charter Secretariat, and based on performance criteria. 

Fellows shall act impartially and shall not seek or receive instructions from any government or from any authority external to the Secretariat.

While the Secretariat can provide visa support, the responsibility for obtaining the necessary residence permit rests with the Fellow, who shall be responsible for obtaining the necessary entry visa and/or residence permit, as well as appropriate health care insurance.

Fellows will be entitled to a monthly subsistence allowance of Euro 2,000 from the Secretariat, which is intended to cover living costs in Belgium. If the Final Report is deemed by the Secretariat to be of good publishable quality an additional lump sum of Euro 1,500 may be granted. Should the Fellow fail to submit a Final Report he or she will be required to reimburse 10% of the sum received. Travel expenses on taking up duty and on leaving will be covered by the Secretariat using the most economical means and route. Fellows continue to be employed by their academic institute during the fellowship period.