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Seconded Experts

Member countries of the Energy Charter as well as observer countries may recommend government experts to be seconded to the Energy Charter Secretariat. During the secondment period the Seconded Expert remains employed by their own national body, but works for the Energy Charter Secretariat.

The objective of the programme is to provide the relevant government experts with an opportunity for on-the-job training in an international environment and first-hand experience at the Secretariat. The Programme also aims at broadening the expertise of such professionals in fields covered by the Energy Charter Treaty and at strengthening their international experience by working on a concrete project.

Eligible candidates should be employed by a national administration and must be recommended by their national government.

A good knowledge of English, the ability to work within an international environment, an educational background or professional experience in energy matters and thorough IT knowledge are essential requirements. 

The term of assignment shall normally be three or six months, depending on the availability of the Seconded Expert. It may be extended if justified by the specific needs of the Energy Charter Secretariat, and based on performance criteria. In any case, no assignment shall last longer than twelve months. When appropriate, engagement on a part-time basis is possible.

Seconded experts will be entitled to a monthly subsistence allowance of EUR 2.500 from the Secretariat, which is intended to cover living costs in Belgium. Travelling expenses on taking up duty and on leaving will be covered by the Secretariat using the most economical means and route. Seconded Experts continue to be employed by their own national bodies.

Assignment of a Seconded expert shall require an act of appointment by the Secretary General. The act of appointment shall contain a written agreement on the terms and conditions governing the assignment, including the agreement of the national administration which is the formal employer of the Seconded Expert. In this agreement, the current employer shall provide assurance that any payments (salary, contributions to social security and insurance systems, etc.), required by national law will be continued by that body. 

Seconded experts shall act impartially and shall not seek or receive instructions from their employer, from any government or from any authority external to the Secretariat. This should be accepted by the employer in the form of a written agreement concluded with the Energy Charter Secretariat.

During the course of the placement, all duties and obligations for which the Seconded Experts are responsible to the Energy Charter, however temporary and whether expressed or implied, shall take precedence over duties for which they’re responsible to external entities. Seconded experts shall report any potential or perceived conflict of interest arising during the course of the placement to their supervisor. The Secretariat shall have sole discretion to solve any such conflict of interest as it deems appropriate, including termination of assignment. 

Seconded experts shall, during their time with the Secretariat, participate in the private insurance scheme established for them. The amount of the participation to the private insurance scheme shall be deducted on a monthly basis from their subsistence allowance.  

While the Secretariat can provide visa support, the responsibility for obtaining the necessary entry visa and/or residence permit remains with the seconded official.

How to apply?

Applications should be sent to and are accepted on a rolling basis.