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Executive Training Programme for Tomorrow's Energy Decision Makers: Addressing Global Energy Challenges and Building a Sustainable Future based on International Cooperation

6-8 May 2013 - Energy Charter Secretariat, 56 Boulevard de la Woluwe, 1200 Brussels


In May of 2013 the Energy Charter Secretariat, working through its recently established Knowledge Centre, launched a new initiative which had the practical aim of applying the abundance of intellectual capital accumulated in the two-decade-long Charter Process in a practical and useful manner. Over the course of three days in May, the Energy Charter delivered a highly specialised training programme which consisted of keynote presentations from leading international energy specialists, panel debates on core energy challenges, a simulated negotiation game, and a wrap-up round table session at the European Parliament in Brussels.


The programme was designed specifically for the younger generation of energy professionals. It aimed to assist them to better understand how the tools and instruments of multilateral cooperation can help address the prevailing challenges facing international energy markets. Some thirty young energy professionals from twenty countries participated in the programme. Country participants came from Energy Charter member and observer countries, including those in Europe, Russia and the CIS, Central Asia, India, China, Jordan, Indonesia and Afghanistan, which has just acceded to the Energy Charter Treaty.

Post-event Brochure

Country participants were joined by a further fifteen top level international energy specialists as speaker-instructors, allowing young energy practitioners to benefit from in-depth exposure to many of the fast moving changes taking place in the arena of global energy. The programme provided the wider Energy Charter constituency with a unique exercise of knowledge sharing and executive education. The training programme ultimately intended to help the decision makers of tomorrow develop the relevant know-how in order to promote an innovative, secure and sustainable future for global energy.


Challenges of Achieving Sustainability in a Rapidly Changing Global Energy Landscape, by Mr. Philip Lowe, Director General, DG Energy, European Commission

Global Energy Governance, by Dr. Noé van Hulst, Director, Energy Academy Europe

Absorbing New Challenges and Improving Energy Security, by Prof. Anatoly Zolotukhin, Vice-Chancellor, Gubkin Russian University of Oil and Gas

Climate Change, by Ms. Gabriela Prata Dias, Senior Expert on Energy Efficiency, Energy Charter Secretariat

Applying Effective Regulation to Innovation and Change in Global Energy, by Mr. Christian Cleutinx of the Clingendael Institute

Learning from Experiences of Regulation - a Personal Reflection, by Mr. Nigel Sisman, Business Area Manager, Markets, ENTSOG

Concept of Market Failure, by Mr. Steivan Defilla, Director, Energy Charter Secretariat

Translating Legislation into Innovative Energy Services, by Dr. Eberhard Meller, Senior Counsellor, EWE AG, Brussels Office