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12th Meeting of the Task Force on Regional Energy Cooperation in Central and South Asia

Jointly organised by USAID/CAR Energy Links Project and the International Energy Charter

10-11 November 2016
Intercontinental Hotel, 181, Zheltoksan Street, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Family Photo, 12th RECA Meeting in Almaty, Kazakhstan

The International Energy Charter and the Energy Links Project jointly organised the 12th Meeting of the Task Force on Regional Energy Cooperation in Central and South Asia (RECA) in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The Energy Charter Task Force on Regional Energy Cooperation in Asia (RECA) was established in Bishkek on 26 April 2007 where all Central Asian states as well as Afghanistan and Pakistan agreed to use the Energy Charter framework as a means of intensifying and developing cross-border electricity trade. Later on in 2010 Task Force delegates enlarged the scope of their interests to energy and included East Asian countries such as Mongolia. The Task Force today consists of delegates from Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan

The general objective of the meeting was to provide forum for participating countries to exchange views and information on current developments in order to promote regional energy cooperation. The meeting served as a platform for policy dialogue on energy cooperation to integrate energy markets, diversify sources of supply and achieve sustainable development. 

This meeting brought together representatives of the responsible Ministries and energy companies of Central Asia countries’ as well as observers and representatives of international organisations.


Meeting Materials

Welcoming Remarks

Michael Curtis
Energy Team Leader, USAID Mission in Central Asia

Michael Bekker
Acting Chief of Party, Energy Links

Kanat Botbaev
International Energy Charter

Session 1: Setting the scene

Challenges of Regional Energy Trade in Central Asia
by Michael Bekker, Acting Chief of Party, Energy Links

The Role of Transit in Ensuring Energy Security – Towards a Multilateral Transit Agreement
by Kanat Botbaev, Expert, International Energy Charter

Session 2: Integrating Power Markets in Central Asia and Other Regions

Overview of Current Situation in Central Asian United Power System
by Khamidulla Shamsiev, Director, CDC Energiya

Perspectives of Integrating Electricity Markets in Central Asia
by Vladimir Tsyssin, Energy Links

Kazakhstan Centralised Electricity Market Operator KOREM – a potential platform for international electricity trading
by Madyar Sapargaliev, Manager, JSC KOREM

Session 3: Knowledge Sharing on Regional and Interregional Energy Cooperation and Integration

Eurasian Common Energy Market – Features, Challenges and Opportunities
by Rustem Sauranbaev, Director of Department for Electricity Market Development Executive Committee of the CIS Electric Power Council

CASA-1000 – Electricity Bridge between Central and South Asia (in English and Russian)
by Robert Schenck, Executive Director of CASA-1000 IGC Secretariat

Session 4: Recent Developments in power systems of Central Asia countries

Basic features of Kazakhstan power market
by Zhanibek Kuanyshbayev, Director of the Department for System Services, JSC KEGOC

Country presentations and updates
by Nangyalai Miakhil, Planning Director and Acting COO, DABS

by Emil Musurkulov, Deputy Head of Dispatch service, JSC 'National Grid of Kyrgyzstan'

by Isfandiyor Dusmukhamedov, Leading specialist, OSHC "Barqi Tojik"