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The 2019 Tirana International Energy Charter Forum

Jointly organised by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy and the Energy Charter Secretariat

13 June 2019, Tirana, Albania

On 13 June 2019, Albania hosted the Tirana International Energy Charter Forum. The event was hosted by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy and highlighted energy diversification, renewables and energy efficiency.

H.E. Minister Belinda Balluku opened the Forum to highlight Albania’s participation and leadership as the Chair of the Energy Charter Conference. Albania assumed the Chair of the Conference for 2019 and Minister Balluku highlighted the competitive nature of the Albanian energy sector that aims to improve energy efficiency and encourage energy supply diversification in the region. Albania is a European leader in renewable energy particularly in production of hydroelectricity.

The Minister also emphasised the importance of the Energy Investment Risk Assessment (EIRA) publication as a means to enhance and standardise energy policies beyond national borders. She commended the methodology of the project and encouraged all countries of the Conference to participate in EIRA 2020. The EIRA publication evaluates specific risks affecting energy investment that can be mitigated through adjustments to policy, legal and regulatory frameworks.

The Minister of Tourism and Environment, Mr Blendi Klosi and Energy Charter Secretary-General Dr Urban Rusnák also participated in the opening remarks. The Secretary-General stated that it is not only Albania’s abundance of renewable energy production that is important but also the drive to more regional integration and connectivity in the region through diversification supplies. Diversity of supply needs to be an option to maintain competitiveness and quality and this is the direction that Europe is heading. The International Energy Charter therefore, remains committed to supporting and enhancing the national energy goals for Albania and the wider Energy Charter Constituency. 

Deputy Minister and Vice-Chair of the Conference Ilir Bejtja (Albania), Deputy Sec-Gen Mr Chebeleu (BSEC), Deputy Sec-Gen Mr Borrego (UfM), Minister for Energy and Water Management Joe Mizzi (Malta), Minister and Conference Chair Belinda Balluku, (Albania), Sec-Gen Urban Rusnak (ECS), Deputy Minister of Energy Samir Valiyev (Azerbaijan), Secretary of State Robert Tudorache (Romania), Deputy General-Manager Talha Pamukcu (BOTAS), Director-General for Energy Marko Radulovic (Montenegro), Vice-Minister of Energy Gantulga Tudevkhuu (Mongolia)