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In-Depth Review of Energy Efficiency Policies and Programmes of Bulgaria (2008)

Published in 2008


The In-Depth Energy Efficiency Review of Bulgaria was undertaken in March-April 2008. The review team was led by Ireland and included representatives from Austria, Denmark and Latvia. The team was supported by the Energy Charter Secretariat.

The main impression from this progress review, a follow-up to the review done in 2001, is that Bulgaria has made good use of the European Union accession process in the past years to improve its energy efficiency policy framework. Bulgaria has advanced substantially with the introduction of a coherent set of medium- to long-term strategies, specific legislation for energy efficiency, and concrete action plans, supported by the general move in the country towards EU accession and the interaction with other EU member states. This is evidenced by a multitude of support programmes in the residential and industry sector.

Within the frame of the Energy Efficiency Law and in particular with the introduction of the First National Energy Efficiency Action Plan required by the EU Directive on Energy Efficiency and Energy Services, Bulgaria has developed clear objectives, tasks, and targets for all end-use sectors. In this context, Bulgaria is also working to introduce suitable policy and progress monitoring provisions. The challenge for energy efficiency policy makers will be to ensure the efficient implementation of policy measures and coherence among the various sectoral instruments in the coming years.

Recommendations arising from the review conclusions were endorsed by the Energy Charter Conference by a written procedure.

The In-Depth Review of Energy Efficiency Policies and Programmes of Bulgaria is available in English and Russian.