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Colombia Energy Investment Report

by Ms Margarita Teresa Nieves Zárate and Mr Augusto Hernández Vidal - June 2016

Colombia Energy Investment Report
Reporte de Inversión Energética en Colombia

For more than 25 years the Energy Charter Process has set rules for good governance in the energy sector, starting with the European Energy Charter (1991), then the Energy Charter Treaty (1994) and recently with the International Energy Charter (2015). As global energy markets evolve, the Energy Charter seeks to expand to other regions such as Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. This expansion project is part of the mandate of modernisation of the Energy Charter. Colombia and Chile are the first Latin American countries to sign the International Energy Charter, a declaration of political intention towards a new age of global energy cooperation. Since then, Colombia and the Energy Charter Secretariat have been in valuable collaboration, particularly with the Colombian Embassy in Brussels, the National Hydrocarbons Agency and the Congress of Colombia. This report, prepared by a Colombian civil servant appointed by the Colombian energy authorities with the technical assistance of the Energy Charter Secretariat, is one of the outcomes of these relations.


The contents of this work are the author's sole responsibility. They do not necessarily represent the views of the Energy Charter Secretariat or any members of the Energy Charter Treaty.