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Investment Arbitration Masterclass

6-8 November 2017 - Energy Charter Secretariat, 46 Boulevard de la Woluwe, B-1200, Brussels, Belgium

The Energy Charter Secretariat Knowledge Centre hosted another impressive intake of young professionals in Executive Energy Training Program No.11 during three action packed days from 6-8 November, 2017. As reflected by the title of this particular sequence of the training, this was truly an ‘investment arbitration masterclass’. This intensive three day exercise in knowledge transfer focused on providing budding arbitrators, legal councils and a host of energy professionals with hands of training about the rules and intricacies of international arbitration processes. The course also included practical information about how to quantify and assess damages.    

The training modules were delivered by  leading specialists from, inter alia, damages and forensic experts from Navigant (a London City firm specialising in this area), and legal counsels from the Permanent Court of Arbitration and the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Institute, which are of course internationally renowned seats of arbitration with an exceptional track record in this sphere of activity. This expertise was further complemented by legal professionals from leading international law firms, including Dechert, Cooley LLP, Lindahl and Morssing & Nycander.  Participants in the masterclass also engaged in hands on, mock exercises structured along the lines of these topics, namely, the intricacies of damage assessment and the basic stages of the investment arbitration process as governed by the applicable rules of the respective arbitration institutions.  

The November 2017 Masterclass is the 11th training course for young professionals organized by the Energy Charter Secretariat since the inception of the trainings in spring 2013. Close to 400 participants from scores of countries from across the world have graduated from the trainings since that time. Please see here for a full list of the training programs delivered by the Energy Charter Knowledge Centre.