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Mexico's Energy Sector under the Universal Principles of the 2015 International Energy Charter

by Dr. Ernesto Bonafé, Mr. Ernesto Beltrán Nishizaki and Mr. Juan Felipe Neira Castro - 22 February 2016

Mexico is a leader for Latin America, and is the gate of North America for the rest of the continent. It has recently embarked on a thorough overhaul of its energy sector, with new constitutional foundations and the extensive development of secondary legislation and regulations.

It is an unprecedented and paradigmatic national reform meant to achieve the objectives of secure, sustainable and affordable energy. The Mexican experience is interesting and relevant for all countries across the world. Moreover, the main concepts that inspire and guide these reforms are valuable interpretations and developments of the universal principles embodied in the 2015 International Energy Charter.

This is precisely the objective of this report: to present the Mexican energy reform under universal principles, for the benefit of the Mexican energy sector as beacon of outstanding economic opportunity and social development, and also as an illustration on how the Energy Charter may act as a bridge between countries and regions to build a global energy system based on a friendly investment climate.


The contents of this work are the author's sole responsibility. They do not necessarily represent the views of the Energy Charter Secretariat or any members of the Energy Charter Treaty.