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Energy Cooperation in Central Europe: Interconnecting the Visegrad Region

bMr. Martin Minárik - 23 October 2014

Interconnecting the Visegrad Region

When talking about global energy governance, it is important to highlight the fact that this term encompasses the international relations on matters relating to energy, predominantly its production, transit and consumption.

However, the question remains whether what we are seeing now in energy international relations is indeed an attempt for a global governance, or rather a regional governance with global implications. Regional economic integration began in the 20th century with the aim of bringing together economic interests of like-minded states in different regions of the globe. This is why we may well look at some of the regional cooperation schemes and the way they have been influenced by global energy developments. The aim of this paper is to briefly outline the historical development of the Visegrad Group as a cooperation platform of four Central European states and its interconnection to global international relations, especially in the energy sector.


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