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Low Carbon Investment

Published in 2013

Low Carbon Investment

The report titled "Low Carbon Investment" was prepared by Professor Peter Cameron, University of Edinburgh, in cooperation with Yulia Selivanova from the Energy Charter Secretariat. Important inputs were received from Zafar Samadov, Dario Chello, Steivan Defilla, Gabriela Prata Dias and Bilyana Chobanova. 

The report analyses the Energy Charter Treaty provisions on low carbon investment and proposes certain actions for the Energy Charter Conference to consider. In particular it recommends:

  1. the grant of a mandate to the Energy Charter Secretariat to prepare a draft text of a Declaration and/or interpretive notes on promoting low carbon investment within the framework of the ECT, and 
  2. implementation of specific activities on low carbon within the Annual Programme of Work of the Secretariat from 2013 and onwards. In particular, the proposal of a Transparency Forum is emphasised.

The publication is available in English.