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Review of the Investment Climate and Market Structure in the Energy Sector of the Russian Federation

Published in 2004


The Energy Charter Secretariat has completed a review of the investment climate in the Russian Federation. The comprehensive material for this review was prepared and presented by the Russian authorities, and contains a wealth of information about recent legislative and policy developments. This is the first Charter review of Russia, and its analysis of key aspects of the Russian energy sector represents a contribution to a more transparent regulatory environment, of significant value to investors.

In considering this report, the Energy Charter Conference noted the progress made by the Russian Federation in its transition to a market environment and of the improvements in the investment climate, as witnessed by the trend in the inflows of capital. The Conference also noted that further improvements are required in order to secure the financing of Russia's substantial investment needs over the next decade.

The Review of the Investment Climate and Market Structure of the Energy Sector of the Russian Federation is available in English and Russian.