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In-Depth Review of the Investment Climate and Market Structure in the Energy Sector of Poland

Published in 2011


This in-depth report on Investment Climate and Market Structure (ICMS), published in 2011, was prepared by the Polish authorities in close cooperation with the Energy Charter Secretariat. The report, undertaken on a peer review basis, mainly covers the period 2005-2011 and serves the purpose of information sharing and cooperation between ECT member states. It provides the most comprehensive and recent information on the country's legal framework for establishing foreign businesses in its energy sector. The report analyses the investment climate and presents the energy market as a whole, outlining the market structure in terms of the main players and the strategic development issues in each subsector.

The Energy Charter Investment Group reviewed the Poland ICMS report at its meeting in October 2011. It agreed upon a number of policy conclusions and recommendations that were subsequently adopted by the Energy Charter Conference on 29 November 2011.

The Energy Charter Conference concluded that Poland had significantly improved the business climate and continued the development of its energy sector legislation and market reforms. New extensions of electricity and gas interconnections would contribute to the security of energy supply in Poland and in the neighbouring countries. In the long term, unconventional gas is expected to play a major role here. The Energy Charter Conference noted that the Polish energy sector would benefit from increased competition which would improve the efficiency of business performance to the benefit of consumers and ensure an adequate level of network infrastructure development towards security of supply.

The Review of the Investment Climate and Market Structure in the Energy Sector of Poland is available in English.