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Review of the Investment Climate and Market Structure in the Energy Sector of Lithuania

Published in 2013


This in-depth Investment Climate and Market Structure report was prepared by the Ministry of Energy of Lithuania in close cooperation with the Energy Charter Secretariat. The report concluded that Lithuania has created a favourable business climate that is essential for attracting foreign direct investments.

The policy conclusions of the report underline that the development of renewable energy sources is an important alternative to traditional sources, which is helpful not only in addressing climate change issues but also increasing Lithuania's energy independence.

The report draws attention to the fact that the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Lithuania is highly dependent on the course of energy sector development and the measures implemented to reduce climate change in other sectors.

The report contains updated information on the development of the national economy and analysis of the legal framework for investments.

The Energy Charter Investment Group discussed the Lithuania review in April 2012. The Group agreed upon a number of policy conclusions and recommendations, which were subsequently endorsed by the Energy Charter Conference in November 2012.

This in-depth Investment Climate and Market Structure of Lithuania is available in English and in Russian.