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Workshop on Energy Investments in Uzbekistan

Thursday 4 October, 2018 from 10:00 - 14:00 hours 

Energy Charter Secretariat, Boulevard de la Woluwe 46, B-1200, Brussels

Nagant Meeting Room


For some time, Uzbekistan has been emerging as an attractive destination for foreign direct investment (FDI). Uzbekistan is the most populous country in Central Asia (with some 32 million inhabitants) and offers numerous opportunities, given its rich natural resource base and overall economic potential. That said, It has tended to underperform in its capacity to attract large scale FDI. Capital inflows have tended to come via select investor partners, rather than from a wider-base of investor sources from around the world.   

However, strong political will now seems to be emerging to liberalise the economy and create a yet more favourable investment climate. The ongoing, large-scale structural reforms currently being pushed through by the government include macroeconomic stabilization, privatisation of the telecoms, energy and transport sectors, free money exchange and unrestricted movement of capital. None of this should be taken lightly. The investment policy of Uzbekistan now aims to modernise all sectors of the economy by technological innovation of its production and processing facilities, energy, transport and communication infrastructure. 

Has Uzbekistan’s moment with the foreign investment community finally arrived ? What are now the prospects for the country to attract greater volumes of FDI, particularly in important sectors such as energy? 

Taking into account this pivotal moment, the Energy Charter Secretariat Knowledge Centre is pleased to invite you to a specialised workshop on the prospects for foreign investments in Uzbekistan. Further, this event will give particular attention to investment opportunities in the country’s energy sector. 

This event will be led by two experienced specialists from the State Investment Committee of Uzbekistan, who will travel to Brussels in order to explain current trends, opportunities, as well as challenges relating to energy investments in the country. They will further elaborate on key government policies and provide further information and guidance to stakeholders. The workshop will also include further contributions from independent experts working on the region, and experts from the Energy Charter Secretariat. 

This workshop is a must for all stakeholders with an interest in the topic of investment in Uzbekistan and the wider-Central Asian region. A provisional agenda follows. Please register your attendance by email to Vitali Hiarlouski: at the Energy Charter Secretariat by October 3, 2018. 


Provisional agenda available here