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Investing in Energy Efficiency: Removing the Barriers

Published in 2004

Investing in Energy Efficiency: Removing the Barriers
Ивестиции в энергоэффективность: устранение барьеров

Investing in improving energy efficiency has the clear advantages of reducing energy costs, improving security of supply and mitigating the environmental impacts of energy use. And still, many viable opportunities for higher energy efficiency are not tapped because of the existence of numerous barriers to such investments. These lost opportunities imply costs to the individual energy consumers and to the society as a whole and they are particularly important in economies in transition.

This report identifies various types of barriers for making energy efficiency investments (be they of legal, administrative, institutional or financial nature), mainly in buildings, district heating and efficient lighting. The role of various bodies and organisations for the facilitation of energy efficiency investments is analysed, from public authorities and regulators to banks and international financing institutions.

The publication "Investing in Energy Efficiency: Removing the Barriers" is available in English and Russian.