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In-Depth Review of the Energy Efficiency Policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan (2022)

Published in 2022



The In-depth Review of the Energy Efficiency Policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan was conducted in 2021 and published in 2022. The review was prepared by the Energy Charter Secretariat in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan. The peer review team was composed of officials from Belarus, Moldova, Turkey and the Energy Charter Secretariat officials.

Uzbekistan is a resource-rich country with large reserves of natural gas, oil and coal. Natural gas represented 91.3% of primary energy production and 98.2% of the country’s energy export in 2019, when Uzbekistan exported 20.1% of its produced natural gas. The Uzbek natural gas Transmission System Operator’s export and transit capacity to Central Asia, Russia, Europe, and China is over 120 bcm/year.

The strategic framework of Uzbekistan is based on the Green Economy Transition Strategy for 2019‒2030. The Strategy’s main goal is to achieve long-term sustainable economic development and to meet the country’s goal under the Paris Agreement ratified by Uzbekistan in 2018 which is to reduce the specific GHG emissions per GDP unit by 10% compared to 2010 levels by 2030.

The In-depth Review identifies significant energy saving potential in all sectors of the Uzbek economy. The energy sector has the most considerable energy efficiency potential and is estimated at 16.8 bcm of natural gas. The natural gas savings resulting from energy efficiency measures can be a reliable source for gas export, taking into account Uzbekistan's significant natural gas transit capacities. The achievement of estimated energy savings will also play a crucial role in meeting social targets and the objectives of the Paris Agreement. 

The Ministry of Energy is the state authority responsible for implementing the country’s single policy for the fuel and energy sector. The Ministry’s energy efficiency-related tasks are performed by the Department of Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving in Economy Sectors and the Social Sphere under the Ministry of Energy.

The in-depth review of the energy efficiency policy of Uzbekistan includes general and specific recommendations per sector, comprising power sector, industry, buildings, energy-using products and transport. Besides significant energy efficiency potential, Uzbekistan also has great potential for using renewable energy sources due to its geographic location and varied landscapes. The final report is available both in English and Russian.