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In-Depth Review of the Energy Efficiency Policy of Armenia (2016)

Published in 2017



The first in-depth review of the energy efficiency policy of Armenia was conducted in 2016 and published in 2017. This review report has been prepared by the Energy Charter Secretariat in cooperation with Armenia’s Ministry of Energy Infrastructure and Natural Resources (MENR). The review team comprised officials from countries that are Parties to the Protocol on Energy Efficiency and Related Environmental Effects (PEEREA): Norway (Chair of the Armenia Review);  Latvia; and Romania. 

In recent years, the country of Armenia has made progress in delivering energy efficiency through the implementation of policies and programmes, with decoupling of GDP and energy consumption growth being observed. Several strategies and action plans, underpinned by the 2013 National Energy Security Concept, are in place to develop the energy sector and advance energy efficiency. Important for energy efficiency action has been the Law on Energy Saving and Renewable Energy (2004), providing the basis for more detailed programmes and plans. 

The in-depth review report identifies where measures are working and need to be continued or strengthened. It also identifies a number of areas in various sub-sectors needing attention in order that the cost-effective potential of improved energy efficiency can be realized for the benefit of the economy and citizens of Armenia.

The institutional framework to support the implementation of energy efficiency policies, including the Ministry of Energy Infrastructure and Natural Resources, could be further strengthened in order to better coordinate and enforce concrete programs and actions in all economic sectors. Such an initiative should also include improving procedures for evaluation and review of progress.

The In-depth Review of Energy Efficiency Policy Armenia is available in English and Russian.