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In-Depth Review of Energy Efficiency Policies and Programmes of Latvia (2007)

Published in 2008


The In-Depth Review of Latvia was carried out in March 2007 by a team of experts led by Norway and composed of representatives of Denmark, Lithuania and Ukraine, supported by the Energy Charter Secretariat. Improvements in Latvia's energy efficiency indicators have resulted from structural and energy sector market reforms, but some implemented energy efficiency initiatives have also contributed to the descending energy intensity trend. Latvia's energy mix also has a large and increasing share of renewable energy, based on exploiting the country's natural hydro and biomass resources.

There is a declared political will to improve energy efficiency in Latvia. The recently adopted Guidelines for Energy Sector Development in 2007-2016 include a firm commitment to promote energy efficiency with quantitative benchmarks. Energy efficiency and renewable energy are well incorporated into the national climate change policy and programme.

To reach the ambitious targets, further improvements need to be made, especially in strengthening the institutional capacity for energy efficiency policies development and implementation, improving the coordination between different financing mechanisms, and stimulating the development of a competitive market for energy efficiency services. Transport, industry and the services sectors would also benefit if involved in specific energy efficiency programmes and measures. Further efforts are needed to increase the awareness and change towards energy efficiency behaviour.

Recommendations arising from the review conclusions were endorsed by the Energy Charter Conference by a written procedure in 2007.

The In-Depth Review of Energy Efficiency Policies and Programmes of Latvia is available in English and Russian.