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Regular Review of Energy Efficiency Policies in Romania (2006)

Published in 2006


Although Romania has the largest oil and gas resources in Central Europe, it is nonetheless a net importer of hydrocarbons, and the efficient use of energy along the entire energy chain from production to consumption has been a consistent feature of Romanian policy in recent years.

Romania's national energy strategy foresees an annual reduction of the energy intensity of the national economy of approximately 3%. Energy efficiency measures have concentrated on the industrial and residential sectors, where there is the clearest scope for improvements. Programmes for the services and transport sectors are now also being developed.

As Romania prepares for accession to the European Union, the PEEREA review of Romania's energy efficiency policies and programmes provides a detailed overview of the transposition of the relevant parts of the EU acquis, as well as an insight into particular challenges for Romania - such as the modernisation of the district heating network, which accounts for a third of the country's heat and hot water demand.

The Regular Review of Energy Efficiency Policies of Romania is available in English and Russian.