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Regular Review of Energy Efficiency Policies in Kazakhstan (2006)

Published in 2006


Kazakhstan is renowned for its abundant oil and gas reserves, but the national Development Strategy to 2030 also dedicates several sections to the issues of energy efficiency and energy saving; this is the focus for the PEEREA regular Review of Kazakh energy efficiency policies and programmes.

Kazakhstan has significant energy efficiency and savings potential, and policy measures foreseen include the reconstruction and modernisation of existing power plant (with a particular emphasis on CHP), the development of power generation based on renewables, and investment in modern autonomous heating technologies where these are more efficient and economical than CHP.

Kazakhstan has a National Programme and a 1997 Law on Energy Saving, which focus on the economic and organisational requirements for efficient use of fuel and power generation and for environmental protection. The Review also describes Kazakhstan's engagement with a number of international agencies that are assisting the Kazakh Government in designing its energy efficiency measures.

The Regular Review of Energy Efficiency Policies of Romania is available in English and Russian.