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Regular Review of Energy Efficiency Policies of Italy (2009)

Published in 2009


Italy has focused on delivering sustainable energy in a liberalised energy market. Italy has both a White Certificates Scheme, to promote energy efficiency, and Green Certificates to promote renewable energy. These schemes operate in conjunction with a deregulated energy market and relatively high energy prices. The White Certificates scheme requires careful assessment of energy efficiency savings from projects, and is driving the development of an active Italian energy services market.

Italy has one of the lowest energy intensities among European Union countries, but has not progressed as much as many European countries in recent years, primarily due to lack of improvement in the industrial sector. This is being addressed through incentives for investment in more efficient equipment and steps to improve the efficiency of the generation sector. Italy is also creating a new, dedicated government energy efficiency agency.

This regular review was prepared by the authorities of Italy.

The Regular Review of Energy Efficiency Policies of Italy is available in English.