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Yemen becomes a Contracting Party to the Energy Charter Treaty

The Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) entered into force for the Republic of Yemen on 29 January 2019. Yemen has been formally involved in the Energy Charter Process since December 2013, when it undertook the step of requesting observer-ship by Invitation during the Energy Charter Conference in Nicosia. The country then became an Observer in November 2014, signing the European Energy Charter. It also signed the International Energy Charter in 2015. Yemen subsequently went through the procedural stages of ECT accession shortly thereafter, which involved completing the necessary technical reports stipulated under the existing ECT accession process. Following completion and adoption of the reports, and having been invited by the Energy Charter Conference to formally accede to the Treaty, Yemen ratified the ECT on July 19, 2018. 

Further to the country’s ratification of the ECT, the government of Yemen submitted the instrument of accession (to the ECT) to the government of Portugal, which was received by the latter on 31 October 2018. Under Article 44, paragraph 2 of the ECT, the Treaty will come into force on the 90th day after the day of deposit of the instrument of ratification by the state or Regional Economic Integration Organisation submitting such an instrument. This means that the ECT entered into force for Yemen on 29 January 2019, making it the 52nd Contracting Party to the ECT.