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The Japanese Delegation visits the Secretary General

On 2 February 2022, Mr Akiyoshi Kawabata, Counsellor, and Mr Hidehiko Ishii, First Secretary, of the Mission of Japan to the European Union, made the first courtesy visit to Secretary-General Lentz.

During the meeting, also attended by the Deputy Secretary General Hirose, the functioning of the Secretariat, the priorities of the senior management and the new philosophy of better communication with, and transparency to the member states were discussed. The Japanese delegation, representing the largest contributor to the Energy Charter Secretariat, reiterated its continued support to the activities of the Secretariat in furtherance of the purposes of the Energy Charter, and the expansion of the coverage of the Charter, especially in certain areas of Asia.

The Secretary-General expressed his desire to restart the process leading to accession in Asia, as well as in Africa and South America.