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The International Energy Charter holds its Annual Symposium in China

The International Energy Charter and the China Electricity Council held its annual meeting & symposium back to back with the Investment Mediation Training in Beijing. The Training was co-hosted on 27 November 2019 with the China Electricity Council (CEC) and the Energy Charter Secretariat providing an overview of the work on investment mediation including the Investment Mediation Guide. 

In the afternoon of 27 November, the Steering Committee together with the present members of the Academic Board and other researchers from CEC discussed planned research topics for 2020 which  include carbon trading mechanisms and carbon pricing, hydrogen economy and increasing the deployment of renewable energy. 

The Annual Symposium on 28 November was opened by An Fengquan, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation Department of the National Energy Administration, Yang Kun, Executive Deputy Chairman of the CEC, and Energy Charter Secretary General Dr Urban Rusnák. These interventions highlighted the role of the Energy Charter Treaty in promoting the effective development and utilisation of clean energy in various countries to achieve a global energy transition. Parties noted that the cooperation between the International Energy Charter and China is very promising. The Joint Research Center is a vital platform for China ’s cooperation with the Energy Charter.

During the sessions, research projects completed during 2019 were presented by Chinese experts and mainly focused on the power sector. The following panel sessions provided in-depth exchanges on regional power interconnections and the role of the Energy Charter Treaty, sector-coupling and the latest developments in hydrogen energy economy with speakers from Russia, Germany, Japan, Hong-Kong, UK, Turkey, China and Poland.