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Statement of the Delegation of Ukraine during the 14th Round of Negotiations

A representative of delegation of Ukraine expressed its gratitude for assistance for Ukraine to resist Russian military aggression.

It was reminded, that since 24 February 2022, every day, in the Europe, Ukraine fighting for democratic values of Europe and world, and create possibilities to Energy Charter`s delegates to develop the international legislation, which now is under threat and one day can be destroyed by Russia.

It was stressed that Russia continuing war in Ukraine: kills thousands of civilians in geographical center of Europe and destroy buildings, hospitals, schools, kinder gardens, infrastructure facilities, in particular energy infrastructure.

On 9 June 2022, official source about civilian casualty (according UN data) recorded 9,519 civilian casualties in Ukraine (including 4,302 killed and 5,217) shown increasing by more than 25% (on 12 May 2022 recorded 7,389 civilian casualties in the country: 3,573 killed and 3,816 injured).

An open source about losses among civilians and facilities from the Russian invasion has increased was provided.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia in Ukraine, 25 large industries have been seriously damaged or destroyed. Among them are both enterprises of the defense sector, and metallurgical, fuel and food industries. Seven enterprises were destroyed, they are not subject to repair and restoration.

For last month on 25 May 2022, according to expert estimates, the total direct documented damage to the infrastructure increased for more than 10% from $94.3 to 103.9 bln (in particular, $227 mln due to the destruction of 27 fuel depots). Also, according to the open source, the total amount of direct documented infrastructure damage is more than $ 103.9 billion. The total losses of Ukraine's economy during the war are now estimated at $ 564-600 billion.

Some information on energy sector of Ukraine was updated, in particular:

As of June 7, the gas transit through the territory of Ukraine did not change as compared to the previous day and amounted to 40,9 mcm. These volumes were only 38% of the capacity contracted by Gazprom (109 mcm per day).

TSO informed about a significant reduction in the transit of Russian gas (9 bcm in 4 months of 2022 against 14 bcm in previous year).

TSO of Ukraine stressed about readiness to transportation more gas volumes to EU, while transit volumes reduced by Gazprom.

TSO call for an end to legal exemptions for Nord Stream 1 in Germany, to cut off gas supply through Nord Stream 1 and compensate it by increasing transit through Ukraine.

Attention was drawn to the fact, that implementation of gas transit contract and fulfilling obligation by Russia is under question which create some risks for European gas buyers and end consumers. So, bringing Russia back to international legislative field and further strengthening and compliance with the sanctions regime against Russia are important for energy security of Europe.

  • Up to 1 mln consumers of energy in Ukraine are disconnected

In breakdown, up to 80% consumers did not have access to electricity supply, about 20% consumers did not have gas supply. Most of them are in the Eastern regions of Ukraine: Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia, Chernihiv, Mykolaiv and Kharkiv regions.

In particular, on the Eastern regions of Ukraine distribution gas system is attacked every day. According to data of the biggest private DSO, only for last month preliminary estimation of the harm increased in more than 6 times from €50 to 316 mln (from UAH 1.6 bln to 9.9 bln). Distribution gas companies regularly restore gas supplies where possible, but regular attacks by Russian troops lead to regular new damage and destruction.

  • Local gas production is restricted

The operation of some facilities has been suspended. Access to some facilities is limited due to hostilities. There is a high probability of a reduction in gas production this year.

  • Ukrainian oil refinery sector was disabled

Thus, Ukraine needs extra oil products supply (import), to build new chain supply and infrastructure rehabilitation.

Russia committed another act of nuclear terrorism. On June 5, a Russian cruise missile flew at a critically low altitude over the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant. NJEC Energoatom published respective video. Such a threat can create disaster not only for Ukraine but for the whole world.

Delegates were informed that while Russian troops continue looting and theft by in the temporarily occupied territories, Russian enterprises continues to plunder Ukraine's resources, creating grounds for the world's food crisis.


The Russian official state media reported with cynicism how 3,000 tons of Ukrainian steel is being loaded on Russian ships to be taken to Russia. The narrator continues that the port of Mariupol is being prepared to load Ukrainian grain “when the wheat crop ripens in the fields”.

The Russia has already supplied 100,000 tons stolen Ukrainian grain to Syria. Its cost is estimated at more than $40 million.

Preliminary estimation shows total volume of the stolen Ukrainian grain about 0.5 mln t of grain crops worth hundreds of mln of USD.

At the end, Contracting Parties , participating in the modernization of the Energy Charter Treaty were encouraged to continue to support Ukraine, follow sanctions regime against Russia and ban supply of energy resources from Russia, developing diversification of supply oil&gas.

The Ukrainian delegate mentioned that now Ukraine is the border between the civilized world and the barbaric aggressive empire. Only with a sustainable support Ukraine will not allow evil to spread to the entire planet and to prevent the development of humanity and to back world to an authoritarian past.“