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Secretary-General Lentz Holds Bilateral Meeting at the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan

In conjunction with his attendance of the Baku Energy Energy Week, Secretary-General Lentz met with H.E. Mr Parviz Shahbazov, the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The parties have elaborately discussed the current state of  affairs in the finalized modernization of the Energy Charter Treaty, touching upon the confluence of factors which will drive the dynamics and forereach the strategy pertinent to the shaping of the Treaty's future including those related to potential expansion opportunities.

In this regard, H.E. Minister Shahbazov has in turn emphasized the impelling importance of ramping up the Treaty's visibility by building upon its multifarious coverage and conducive features which propel both the promotion and protection of investments and the contribution to the net-zero targets. He further offered the assurances of Azerbaijan's commitment to the spirit of the Treaty and underscored the preparedness of his country as an active contracting party, to engage in and assist with ensuing deliberations on the above matters. H.E. the Minister also praised the assistance the Energy Charter Secretariat had rendered to Azerbaijan in the recent past in contributing to the review of the country's legal framework on certain energy-related aspects.

Secretary-General Lentz referred to and welcomed the active role of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Energy Charter Process, including its past chairmanship  and contribution to the modernization of the Treaty and endorsed maintaining the current level of efforts on the part of the country in supporting the work of the Conference and the subsidiary bodies thereof.

The parties have further exchanged views on the matters of energy security, the role of Azerbaijan in the current energy context and discussed cooperation with the Secretariat, including secondment options for the Ministry.