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Secretariat experts deliver a seminar on International Energy Charter in N’Djamena, Chad

At the invitation of the Minister of Oil and Energy of Chad, Mr Djerassem Le Bemadjiel, the Energy Charter Secretariat conducted a seminar in N’Djamena on the International Energy Charter, and the potential path for Chad to accede to the Energy Charter Treaty. The seminar took place on 18-19 July 2016, and was attended by more than twenty-five participants from all relevant ministries, energy companies and stakeholders.

In his opening remarks, the Secretary General of the Ministry, Mr Adoum Mahamat Adoum, stated that the Energy Charter already enjoyed a political commitment at the highest level in the country. In the various sessions, the Senior Expert on Expansion and Outreach, Mr Patrice Dreiski, and the regulatory expert, Mr Ernesto Bonafé, explained the origins, contents and objectives of the Energy Charter Treaty. They emphasised the Treaty's potential for Chad as a means to attract foreign investments to the energy sector. Meanwhile work on the accession reports will be commenced by the Electricity Director, Mr Adoum Orze, who will be seconded for three months to the Secretariat in Brussels starting in August 2016.

The seminar was attended by the neighbouring country Niger, who is an observer to the Energy Charter Conference by virtue of having signed the International Energy Charter in 2015, and also by regional organisations to which Chad is member such as G5 Sahel and CEEAC. Both organisations expressed interest in participating in the Energy Charter Process. More than ten countries from Sub-Sahara and ECOWAS have signed the International Energy Charter since its inception in May 2015. The International Energy Charter should contribute to the extension of common principles on good governance of the energy sector, including investment protection, regional integration and universal access to sustainable energy, across the African continent.

During the mission to N’Djamena the Secretariat delegates also met officials from the Agence Francaise du Development and the EU Delegation, who deal with energy and infrastructure projects in Chad.