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Secretariat contributes to the workshop on “Governing the Energy Transition” organized by King’s College, London

On 19 March 2021, the Secretariat contributed to the knowledge exchange workshop “Governing the Energy Transition” that brought together academia, experts and policymakers. The initial workshop was planned to be organized as a joint event by the Energy Charter Secretariat and the King’s College in Brussels back in 2020, but due to pandemics, the event took place virtually. The goal of the workshop was to share and exchange new ideas on the legal framework of Energy Transition. The Secretariat was represented by the Secretary General and the Head of Energy Efficiency Unit.

Dr. Rusnák was invited to give the keynote speech on Energy Transition and stated that “Energy Transition is an ongoing process which is as old as our civilization” and stressed that “actions need to be taken on national levels”. He also compared the process of Energy Transition with the ‘Gordian knot’ that cannot be cut but must be patiently solved layer by layer in order to move efficiently from fossil fuels based economies to climate-neutral ones. Oleksandr Antonenko, Head of Energy Efficiency of the Energy Charter Secretariat, provided input to the Panel on Energy in International Economic Law speaking about the right balance between energy security and sustainability in regulatory frameworks.

The detailed agenda of the workshop, including the CVs of the panelists, is available here