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Modernisation of the Energy Charter Treaty: The Long Story Told Short

As part of the general discussion, Kluwer Arbitration Blog has launched a week-long series offering different perspectives on the ECT Modernisation Process. The series was opened by an introductory post of the Secretary-General of the International Energy Charter,  Dr Urban Rusnák, setting the scene and the historical background leading to the current negotiations. 


“I am convinced that the Contracting Parties will be able to raise the common denominator to make the Energy Charter Treaty 2.0 fit for its purpose for the next 25 years, enabling energy cooperation during the ongoing energy transition and strengthening the level playing field. A modernised ECT would be, without any doubt, attractive to many newcomers and will lead to the gradual acceptance of its principles and rules as an ultimate universal standard for international energy cooperation for the 21st Century.”


The full text can be read in this link