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International workshop on the Energy Charter and global energy governance in Beijing calls for further cooperation between China and Energy Charter

A high-level international workshop on the Energy Charter and global energy governance was opened by the Energy Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission of People’s Republic of China on 26 January 2015 in Beijing. The role of the Energy Charter in global energy governance was thoroughly discussed by representatives of the Chinese government, energy companies, think tanks and academic institutions.

Director Zou Yiqiao of the International Cooperation Department of the National Energy Administration of China highlighted the importance of the Energy Charter in the global energy governance framework and expressed the intention to enhance cooperation with the Energy Charter Secretariat. Han Wenke, Director General of the Energy Research Institute, summarised the achievements and deficiencies of China's participation in global energy governance. He called on China's energy sector players to initiate an in-depth assessment on the country's further involvement in the Energy Charter Process including the possibility of acceding to the Energy Charter Treaty.

The Energy Charter Secretary General Dr. Urban Rusnák had bilateral meetings with Zou Yiqiao and Han Wenke after the workshop, discussing in more detail the ways to strengthen bilateral cooperation between China and the Energy Charter.