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In Memoriam: Mr. Yagshigeldy Kakayev, former Chair of the Energy Charter Conference

The Energy Charter Secretariat was very saddened to learn about the passing away of Mr. Yagshigeldy Kakayev, a former Chair of the Energy Charter Conference during Turkmenistan’s Chairmanship in 2017.  


Mr. Kakayev, who held the position of an advisor on oil and gas matters to the President of Turkmenistan, was known as a prominent Turkmen statesman and a long-term high-profile member of the Turkmenistan Government.  For many years he was a very active figure in the oil and gas sector of the country having served as Chairman of the Turkmengaz State Concern, Director of the State Agency for the Management and Use of Hydrocarbon Resources, and Vice-Premier supervising the sector.  He was also representing Turkmenistan in negotiations concerning pipelines and other prolific energy-related initiatives in the region.  At his time as the Chair of the Energy Charter Conference, he was remembered for his professional and sincere approach and wise guidance.  


Mr. Kakayev passed away in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan at the age of 61.  


The Secretariat expresses its most sincere condolences to his family and colleagues in Turkmenistan