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EU4Energy presents building Energy performance Calculation methodology Action plan and a Roadmap for Armenia

On 30 September an online workshop was organised to present the outcomes the EU4Energy support provided to Armenia in the process of to developing a consistent energy performance of building calculation methodology. A detailed Action plan and a  Roadmap were elaborated jointly with the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure and the State Committee for Urban Development of Armenia  with the goal to  accelerate the replication of the best EU practices in full accordance with the Enhanced Partnership Agreement between the Republic of Armenia and the European Union (CEPA) and the Directive 2010/31/EU on energy performance of buildings (EPBD) 

Participants discussed and agreed on the proposed steps and measures within the Action Plan for the next five years. Two categories of actions are envisaged i) core activities for developing the calculation methodology, and ii) supporting activities ensuring the proper enforcement of the EPBD requirements:

• Core activities:

 - Legislative framework and administrative/institutional support;

 - Building codes and calculation methodology.

• Supporting activities :

 - Capacity building;

 - Information and awareness rising.

The primary beneficiaries of the calculation methodology would be government officials, architects, engineers, energy auditors, consultants, policy advisors and regulators with overall impacts in the processes of new building design's and certification and existing building renovation's and certification. 

This technical assistance activity is part of the EU4Energy Project, an EU-supported initiative providing technical assistance to countries of the Eastern Partnership that seek to enhance their energy sectors with best practices of the European Union.