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EU4Energy and Energy Efficiency in Azerbaijan

On the 24-25 October 2017, the Energy Charter Secretariat facilitated workshops and meetings in Baku, Azerbaijan with the goal of supporting the Government in the elaboration of a draft law on energy saving and energy efficiency. Participants comprised over 40 representatives from the Ministry of Energy, as well as other relevant ministries, state committees and energy industry companies.

The capacity-building workshop sessions were designed to equip Azerbaijan decision-makers with the know-how to develop and implement a comprehensive national plan for improving energy efficiency, as well as various types of policies targeting specific areas and sectors. Experts drew upon case studies from the European Union (EU) member states and other Eastern Partnership countries (e.g. Moldova, Ukraine) to illustrate how to set up national action plans with targets, promote energy audit schemes and ISO energy management systems in industry, and utilise public financing instruments.

Following the training sessions, the Energy Charter experts and workshop participants proceeded to discuss the draft law on Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency through a second inter-ministerial working group that built upon the first meeting. 

Public utilities have been designated by Azerbaijan as one of the key economic sectors for development by 2025 within the recently adopted Strategic Roadmap on National Economy. This entails improving the efficiency of existing power stations and their capacity, reducing gas and electricity losses in transmission and distribution, introducing new techniques in demand-side management, and enhancing the overall legal and regulatory environment for public utilities. 

To this end, the Energy Charter Secretariat has been working closely with the Government of Azerbaijan in providing technical assistance to support policymaking in the area of energy efficiency. This is taking place in the context of the EU4Energy programme – an EU initiative that fosters technical cooperation in energy between the EU, its member states and Eastern Partnership countries, including Azerbaijan. As such, the draft legislation is based on best practice and experiences in the EU. In addition to Azerbaijan, the Energy Charter Secretariat is also collaborating with Armenia and Belarus within EU4Energy.