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Beijing Research Centre holds its annual meeting

On 12 November 2020, China Electricity Council (CEC)-International Energy Charter Joint Research Centre held its annual meeting via videoconference. The event brought together the members of the Steering Committee, Academic Board, representatives of CEC along with its member organisations and the Energy Charter Secretariat. 

Vice-President and Secretary General of CEC Mr. Yu Chongde and Secretary-General of the International Energy Charter Dr. Urban Rusnák opened the meeting by stressing the importance of continued cooperation despite the challenges related to COVID-19. Representatives of CEC and its member organisations presented the outcomes of two studies on “Electrification Development and Outlook in China” and “Development of Low-carbon Energy and the Mechanism of Market’. The presentations from the Energy Charter Secretariat on Energy Investment Risk Assessment (EIRA) and The Role of Cross-border and Regional Cooperation in the Energy Transition complemented the discussions. 

China Electricity Council and the International Energy Charter established Beijing Research Centre in 2017 aiming to strengthen the relationship between the Energy Charter and China, promote awareness on international energy cooperation, share knowledge through research and joint activities as well as to facilitate capacity building.