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Energy Charter Conference Decisions

Derestricted Documents

The Energy Charter Conference on 25 November 2013 noted that the documents with the acronym ‘CCDEC’ (the ‘CCDEC documents’) are to be prepared by the Energy Charter Secretariat (the ‘Secretariat’) in the following manner:

  1. The Secretariat will prepare a draft summary record of the annual meeting of the Conference within two months of that meeting.
  2. With the draft summary record, the Secretariat will also prepare a series of new CCDEC documents for the same year, based on:

    • all decisions of the Conference adopted during that year by correspondence;
    • all documents submitted to the latest meeting of the Conference; and Related documents;
    • the draft summary record of that meeting, reflecting the Conference’s final action (including, but not limited to, adoption, approval or taking note of) taken there.

    The list of new CCDEC documents will be made available on the restricted part of the Secretariat’s website.

  3. The Secretariat will then submit the draft summary record of the meeting of the Conference for adoption by correspondence. The annex to the draft summary record will contain the list of new CCDEC documents prepared.
  4. Following the adoption by correspondence of the summary record (together with its annex), the Secretariat will make the new list of CCDEC documents available on its public website.

Against this background, the Energy Charter Conference decided:

  1. All the CCDEC documents shall be derestricted as of the date of this decision;
  2. Except for the case mentioned in (3) below, no CCDEC document prepared after the date of adoption of this decision shall be restricted;
  3. If a CCDEC document is prepared based on any CC-numbered document that is restricted pursuant to (5) below, such CCDEC document shall remain restricted until the relevant CC-numbered document is de-restricted;
  4. Except for the case mentioned in (5) below, all the CC-numbered documents prepared after the date of adoption of this decision shall be de-restricted upon final action by the Conference, including, but not limited to, adoption, approval or taking note of; and
  5. If any Contracting Party is of the view that a certain CC-numbered document should remain restricted, even after the final action by the Conference, such Contracting Party shall request such restriction before the Conference takes its final action, either by a notification to the Secretariat or by a statement at the Meeting of the Conference. Where there is any such request, the relevant document shall remain restricted until the requesting Contracting Party cancels its request.

The Energy Charter Conference Decisions (CCDEC) are available as a complete list including all the decisions up to today or accessible by year of decision.