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Ukrainian Task Force participates in the Round Table on the RES infrastructure methodologies of damages and losses assessment

On 10 January 2023, the Task Force established within the Energy Charter Secretariat, under the project "Cooperation for Restoring the Ukrainian Energy Infrastructure,"  participated in the Round Table "Assessment Methodologies of Damages and Losses in the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) Sector due to Russia's Military Aggression" organised in partnership with the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) and the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency (EUEA).

During the Round Table, participants discussed the proposals and suggestions for improving damage and loss assessment methodology in the  Ukrainian RES sector. The event was attended by representatives of Ukrainian law, consulting and evaluation companies, RES developers and the members of the EUEA.

The main goal of the event was the application of the same methodologies and figures related to damages and investments needed to restore the Ukrainian energy infrastructure by Ukrainian companies, authorities and international organisations. In the future, it is planned to hold similar round tables for oil and gas and other sub-sectors of the energy industry of Ukraine.

The overall objective of the project "Cooperation for Restoring the Ukrainian Energy Infrastructure" is to assist the Government of Ukraine in the cost-effective restoration of energy infrastructure, taking into account the clean energy transition while ensuring energy security. The project is funded by the European Commission and implemented by the Energy Charter Secretariat.