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The Use of Mediation in Investor State Disputes

A virtual pre-intersessional meeting for UNCITRAL Working Group III will be held on Monday 9 November 2020 to explore the use of mediation in ISDS. This virtual pre-intersessional meeting discuss (1) overcoming challenges to the use of mediation in ISDS, (2) the multi-tiered dispute resolution process, (3) the hybrid models for resolving international investment disputes, as well as (4) the way forward for mediation as a reform option for ISDS.


You can find the agenda in this link.


The Energy Charter Secretariat will explain the existing tools (such as the Guide on investment mediation and the model Instrument on Management of Investment Disputes) for promoting and facilitating the use of mediation for amicably solving investment disputes. The statement of the Secretariat on investment mediation and dispute prevention made at the last meeting of the WGIII of UNCITRAL can be found in this link


Date: 9 November 2020 (Monday) 
Time: 9:00 – 11:35 & 16:00 – 18:55 (GMT+8) 

Registration will close on 6 November 2020. Invitation link to the virtual pre-intersessional meeting will be sent to registered participants 24 hours prior to the event. For further details and the four background papers, please visit