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The Secretariat Welcomes Five Ukrainian Seconded Experts

On August 1, 2022, the Energy Charter Secretariat (ECS) welcomed five Ukrainian secondees, the members of the Task Force that will coordinate, support and facilitate planned activities for the Cooperation for Restoring the Ukrainian Energy Infrastructure.

The Secretary-General, Mr Guy Lentz, and his team, Mr Oleksandr Antonenko and Ms Özlem Duyan met with Ms Inna Slobodian; Deputy Head of the Department – Head of the Division on the Bilateral Cooperation and  International Treaties, Department for International Affairs, Mr Vladyslav Maksakov; State Expert of Expert Group for Renewable Electricity Development of the Directorate for Power Sector and Electricity Market Development, Mr Ievgen Rossikov; State Expert of Expert Group for State Programs and Formation of Energy-Efficient Behavior of the Final Energy Consumers of the Directorate for Energy and Resource Efficiency Policy Formation, Secretary of the Interagency Working Group on the Development of Hydrogen Strategy for Ukraine, Ms Yevheniia Nimak; State Expert of the Expert Group for European and Euroatlantic Integration of the Directorate for Strategic Planning and European Integration and Mr Oleksandr Laktionov; Head of the Strategic Projects and Programs of the Strategic Planning Department, National Joint Stock Company «Naftogaz of Ukraine».

The Secretary-General touched upon the objective of the Task Force and the role of the Secretariat to facilitate post-conflict investments towards the restoration of the energy infrastructure in Ukraine, taking into account the clean energy transition and the energy security of Ukraine.

Ukrainian seconded experts will contribute to the coordination of the Task Force conducted from the ECS in Brussels, Belgium, for a period of six months. The specific objective of the Task Force is to assist the Government of Ukraine in the cost-effective restoration of energy infrastructure, taking the clean energy transition into account while ensuring energy security.