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The Secretariat holds the Second Coordination Meeting for Restoring the Ukrainian Energy Infrastructure

On 27 October 2022, the Ukrainian Task Force established within the Energy Charter Secretariat under the project Cooperation for Restoring the Ukrainian Energy Infrastructure” held the Second Coordination Meeting.  

During the First Coordination Meeting, held on 15 September, the participants agreed to regularly organise such events to efficiently cooperate and align activities related to restoring the Ukrainian energy infrastructure. The second meeting gathered the representatives of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, governments of Poland, Denmark, and the United Kingdom, international organisations, foreign and Ukrainian think tanks and civil society.  

The event was opened by Mr Roman Andarak, Director General of the Directorate for Strategic Planning and European Integration, Ministry of Energy of Ukraine. He updated the participants on the consequences of the massive targeted attacks on critical energy infrastructure facilities by the Russian armed forces during the period from 10 October to 27 October. Mr Oleksandr Antonenko, Energy Efficiency, Climate & Renewable Energy Official, Energy Charter Secretariat, informed about the Ukrainian Task Force activities and recent deliverables, including the Third Ukrainian Energy Sector Damage Assessment Report, Key Legal Developments in Ukraine's Energy Sector Report  as well as outlined the importance of the modernised Energy Charter Treaty as the key element for facilitating post-conflict investments in Ukraine.  

Director General Andarak emphasised the urgent need for efficient energy supply restoration, which was further discussed in detail by the USAID Energy Security Project representatives and the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Kyiv. 

The general objective of the project “Cooperation for Restoring the Ukrainian Energy Infrastructure” is to assist the Government of Ukraine in the cost-effective restoration of energy infrastructure, taking into account the clean energy transition while ensuring energy security. The project is funded by the European Commission and implemented by the Energy Charter Secretariat.