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The International Energy Charter approaches Bangladesh and Nepal

A delegation from the Energy Charter Secretariat travelled to Nepal and Bangladesh to support the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) accession process of countries in that region. During the week of 18-24 November 2019, Secretariat officials contributed to a seminar on Resource Integration in Central Asia and its Impact on South Asia, which was organised by the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Kathmandu, Nepal. The seminar included the participation of over 30 experts and aimed to evaluate prospects for greater levels of energy sector cooperation between the Central and South Asian regions. The event took into account the energy production potential of Central Asian states and the high levels of energy demand in South Asia. The seminar was addressed by the Head of the EU Delegation in Nepal, officials from the government of Nepal and European diplomats operating locally. 

Following the meetings in Kathmandu, the Head of the Secretariat’s Expansion Unit conducted a working visit to Bangladesh in what was the first visit by an Energy Charter official to this country. The working visit included a busy agenda of meetings and briefings with parties relevant to the accession process of Bangladesh to the ECT. Multiple stakeholders met included officials from the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources; The Ministry of Foreign Affairs; The Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority; The Power Cell Division of the Ministry of Power; local energy companies, legal and accounting firms and the media. Bangladesh became an Observer to the Energy Charter Conference in 2015 when it signed the International Energy Charter declaration. It embarked upon the accession process to the ECT shortly thereafter and has currently completed a substantial part of the procedures necessary to become an contacting party to the Treaty. With its fast growing population and rapidly growing economy, Bangladesh may yet become the first country in South Asia to accede to the ECT.