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The Government of Tajikistan hosts discussions on ECT modernisation

On 27-28 March 2019, a delegation from the Energy Charter Secretariat visited Dushanbe, Tajikistan to discuss the Energy Charter Process with Government officials. Energy Charter Secretary-General Dr Urban Rusnák met with the Deputy Prime-minister Mr Azim Ibrohim and First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Zohidi Nizomiddin to update them on recent developments such as the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) modernisation, Review under Art. 34(7) ECT, the Energy Investment Risk Assesment project (EIRA), and the new EU Strategy for Central Asia were discussed. Mr Nizomiddin expressed his appreciation with the increasing cooperation of the International Energy Charter with the Teheran-based Economic Cooperation Organisation and sought some clarifications on the Chairmanship practice of the Conference.

Substantial discussions took place with the Minister of Energy and Water Resources Mr Usmonali Usmonzoda. The Minister briefed on the recent developments in Tajikistan and the region of Central Asia, including progress on infrastructure projects, anticipated reforms and regional cooperation. Roles and responsibilities in terms of Modernisation of the ECT and the Review, as the most important activities for 2019, had been discussed.

On 27 March, the Secretariat continued expert discussions with the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources, Energy Company "Barki Tojik" and other relevant stakeholders. The discussion focused on the ECT modernisation, Review process and issues of sustainable energy and regional cooperation in Central Asia.