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The Government of Swaziland and the International Energy Charter collaborate to improve energy efficiency in Swaziland

For the past three months, the Energy Charter Secretariat hosted Mr Mzwandile Thwala, of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy of Swaziland for the objective of developing an Energy Efficiency Policy for Swaziland. The policy aims to ensure energy efficiency plays its full role in the development of the country as an energy resource.

The policy work is designed to ensure effective governance for energy efficiency, including improvements in the institutional and legislative frameworks, funding mechanisms, stakeholder engagement and the development of strategies and action plans for implementation. Furthermore, the policy work makes recommendations to improve energy efficiency in buildings (commercial and residential), industrial energy efficiency, energy performance standards, lighting, labelling, and integration of renewable energy systems. 

The successful collaboration between the Secretariat and Swaziland’s authorities is being funded by the European Commission, DG DEVCO, through the EU Technical Assistance Facility for the SE4All initiative. As a signatory of the 2015 International Energy Charter, Swaziland has benefited from the Secretariat’s technical assistance in order to strengthen its overall development of energy efficiency programmes.