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The Energy Charter Secretariat visits Kenya

The fourth fact-finding mission of 2018 for the Energy Charter Secretariat’s Energy Investment Risk Assessment (EIRA) project took place in Nairobi, Kenya from 25-27 April 2018. In line with the scope of the EIRA project, the mission’s goal was to investigate in greater detail the energy sector of Kenya. In particular, to gather information on Kenya’s regulatory and legal regime, and to understand the functioning of several state and non-state bodies, agencies and institutions in the context of the country’s political structure. The Secretariat’s team participated in various round-table and bilateral meetings with representatives of ministries, state institutions and other stakeholders including legal professionals and energy investors.

The findings of the mission will be elaborated in the EIRA country profile for Kenya which intends to assist the government in monitoring the performance of its energy sector and eliminate specific risks in the regulatory and legal environment.