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Tackling global energy challenges with private sector investment

During the second preparatory meeting of the 27th OSCE Economic and Environmental Forum on 27-28 May in Bratislava, a side event took place on “Shaping the future of energy policies and co-operation in the OSCE region from the private sector perspective”. Special attention was given to meeting the dual challenge of meeting the world’s rising energy demand while moving towards a low-carbon economy. The event was moderated by Mr. Daniel Kroos, Senior Programme Officer at the OSCE, and hosted panelists Mr Elliot Roseman, Programme Director at the United States Energy Association, Mr Rastislav Ňukovič, Director General at the Slovak gas TSO Eustream, Mr Jochen Penker, Director for International Energy Affairs at the Austrian Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism, and Mr David Kramer, Head of the Energy Charter Secretariat Investment Unit.

Mr Kramer introduced the Energy Charter Investment Facilitation Toolbox, which provides governments with best practice policy options to remove barriers to investment in the pre and post establishment phases. He also presented the Energy Investment Risk Assessment (EIRA) publication, the flagship publication of the International Energy Charter, which provides guidance to participating countries for lowering investment risk by improving foresight of policy and regulatory change, management of decision-making processes, regulatory environment and investment conditions, and enhancing the rule of law.