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Statement of the Delegation of Ukraine on the Condition of Critical Energy Infrastructure

During the discussion at a meeting of a subsidiary committee of the Energy Charter Conference held today, the Delegation of Ukraine made a statement on the current situation in the country two months after the Russian invasion began, in particular, regarding its critical energy infrastructure as follows :

"Today we live more than 60 days in conditions of Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine against ordinary Ukrainians, against humanity, freedom and democracy.

Ukraine’s critical energy infrastructure is suffering significant damage.

We can’t put a concrete number on these damages yet, but even now it is obvious that the restoration of energy infrastructure will span the whole chain - from generation to transmission to distribution.

Financial stabilization of the electricity market of Ukraine is a key factor to prevent economical and further physical collapse of the Ukrainian power system and energy security in region. It’s necessary to speed up the commercial export of Ukraine’s electricity.

We should ensure our energy security and not deviating from the planned "green" course.

These tragic events, in particular, should act as a catalyst in these main directions:

- Stop using Russian energy as soon as possible wherever possible. Some types of fuels are easily replaceable now. We see that European businesses stop buying coal, oil, LNG and nuclear fuels from Russia.

- Review plans for the use of gas as a transitional fuel - taking diversification and energy security into account. Enable substitution of gas by other sources, for example with "green" hydrogen as soon as practically possible.

- Invest in balancing capacities, including storages, to enable more use of renewables. Commercialization of other latest "green" technologies in energy - in the long run, they will guarantee energy independence and effectively contribute to the goals of the Paris Agreement.

In each of these issues, Ukraine can become a reliable ally and partner.

At this stage, Ukraine critically needs unconditional macro-financial support, military and humanitarian assistance to stabilize the situation and win the war.

The Ministry of Energy created a Special Fund for emergency support of energy sector. This Fund will be operated by Energy Community Secretariat and funded by EU countries, contraction parties of Energy Community and other sponsors.

Denmark (The Danish Energy Agency) has become the first State contributing to the above mentioned Fund and concluding an appropriate fiduciary agreement with Energy Community Secretariat and Ministry of Energy of  Ukraine. We invite other countries to become donors of the Fund.

After peace comes, Ukraine has a long way to go to gradually recover.

In the recovery phase, we should focus on joint development programs for regions and economy sectors with international partners. In order to ensure the implementation of this Plan with the resources and necessary funding, the Government, together with international partners, has already begun to design an appropriate Recovery Fund.

The key goal of this stage is to neutralize the consequences of the war as much as possible and to form a basis for further development and modernization of our state, which will improve the quality of life of the population.

We will use the principle “build back better” when rebuilding all destroyed objects.

Post-war reconstruction provides a unique opportunity to radically renew Ukraine's production potential, focus on new technologies and lay the foundations for long-term growth."